There are two ways to become a member of ISBEE.

All who register for the World Congress will pay a subscription of USD50 as part of the registration fee and have membership for 4 years, until the next World Congress. This was agreed at the 2016 General Assembly and will apply from 2020.

Someone who does not intend to register for the World Congress or who wishes to be a member in the interim can become a member on an annual basis. The annual membership fee in place in 2016 was based on income. The scale is given below. Please contact the Secretary/Treasurer—email for details of payment method. ISBEE does not have credit card facilities; payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque.

Scale for determination of annual membership fees:

  • annual income up to USD50,000, membership fee USD 10/year;
  • annual income USD 50,001-149,999, membership fee USD 20/year;
  • annual income USD 150,000 or greater, membership fee USD 40/year.