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Call for Papers Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations (REIO)

Editors: Michael Schwartz, RMIT, Melbourne
Howard Harris, University of South Australia
Walter Kaufmann argued that “even Plato and Nietzsche had little feeling for the visual arts” and indeed that “most philosophy has no sense for art and is much the worse for that”. Kaufmann acknowledges that some philosophers have “dealt with aesthetics, even if they showed in the process, as Kant did, that they lacked a sense for art. What makes not only much work on aesthetics but most philosophy so academic is not the common failure to understand what art is but the refusal to see what art shows.” We intend in this call for papers to address that.

We live in a visual world. And we experience organizations often through that visual world.
When we visit a retail organization it is meant to be a visual experience.
We are exposed to organizations in the movies. The James Bond movie Spectre is about an evil organization. There are numerous other such movies.
We are presented with organizations in their corporate advertisements and billboards. In theatre productions such as Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” we witness visually aspects of the organization.
For many years Fortune magazine on a page titled “Archive” showed photographs of men and women working in the organization.
Visually we cannot escape being reminded of the organization.
What we are looking for are papers that examine organizational ethics as depicted visually in a movie, or the theatre, or in an advertisement, or even a painting, or a vase. The choice is wide and the choice is yours.
Full papers should be submitted by 30 July 2017. All contributions will be subject to a double-blind review. Please email your papers to the editors at or
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